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Widgets, and Gadgets and Webcasts, oh my!

This weekend will see the release of the latest enhancement to JOY 94.9 's online presence. Over the past month or so I've been developing an Apple Dashboard widget that lets you keep JOY's web stream playing in the background while using your Mac. It's been a type of pet project of mine, one that I've wanted to do for a long time now, ever since I bought a Mac in fact. When I began work on the widget I made a commitment to myself that I would start small. Because it's volunteer work, I didn't want to spend too much time on functionality that would end up not being valuable. I'm also interested to find out how popular the widget is before I invest more time into making it better. It provides two functions in this 0.9 beta version: Listen live, with a very simple play / stop button An updated display of what show's on now, and what's coming up next It sources the program information from the front page of the website, running a relatively sim

Welcome, and sharing some points

Welcome to Geek In The Pink, a blog dedicated to all of my I.T. musings worthy of publishing to the world ("worthy" may be an overstatement, but that's for you to decide, right?) My intention is to cover any subject that directly or indirectly relates to the I.T. industry, particularly in Australia, but also the world. I work with a number of diverse technologies, both paid for and volunteering, so content will vary over time. There may also be a small amount of political opinion, however I intend to keep that to a minimum. So, this first post is a short one, and really just some commentary instead of some real-life tangible information. Today I'm working with Microsoft SharePoint master pages, and themes. These are what you need to work with in order to change the look and feel of a SharePoint site. Basically, it boils down to: SharePoint Themes are used to define CSS and supporting graphic files SharePoint Master pages, like ASP.NET Master pages, are used to