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SQL Server Reporting Services, and ASP.NET

This post I would like to talk about delivering Microsoft SQL Reporting Services via an ASP.NET application. Reporting Services includes an ASP.NET web control. I've found this control to be useful when I want to make the most of Reporting Services' ease of report definition (.rdl files), but don't like the way Reporting Services' renders their parameter options. Using ASP.NET, I suddenly have available to me, all the flexibility of ASP.NET and it's web form controls. For example, you ou may want to control how those form controls are loaded in your web form - e.g. by writing some code in the On_Load event, you could pre-fills the text value of a TextBox, or pre-ticks some tickboxes in a CheckBoxList. This way, default values can be defined which are commonly used by business users. As well as the report parameters, another key area of interest is security. In general terms, the SQL Server from which you're sourcing your report data will be configured one