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SharePoint List-based 404 handler

A project that I'm involved in is about to begin, which includes a complete refresh of our Intranet site, based on SharePoint. One of the key requirements of the refresh is to look at the Information Architecture, and look at ways of making it easier to find content for the typical user. As you may know, dealing with a major site re-architecture like this will innevitably mean links strewn around the place that refer to old content. These might be favourites on users' web browsers, links on other websites, and indeed links throughout the content of your SharePoint site. Some may be updated within the SharePoint site, but a large proportion of them remain static due to various factors such as them being defined in Content Editor Web Parts, or the like. As it stands, the SharePoint site in question doesn't have any custom 404 page handling already, so even now when minor changes occur to the Information Architecture of the site, old links are left behind without any th